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Groom Touches Wife’s Feet After Wedding, Surprises Everyone & Steals Hearts

by Swati Sahoo
Groom Touches Wife's Feet After Wedding, Surprises Everyone & Steals Hearts

It is undeniable that things are changing. Partners are starting to regard one another as equals. And perhaps it is why this man did what he did, winning the hearts of everyone on the internet, as well as his bride.

According to the now-viral video shared on Instagram by Piyush Awchar, the bride leans down to touch the groom’s feet, as is customary in Hindu weddings. What happened next threw both the audience and his bride off guard.

All the bride could do was jump in surprise as he bent down to stroke her feet as well. The groom’s gesture is definitely a great hit, with 34.5 million views and 2 million likes. It gained him not just his wife’s admiration, but also the respect of all those who think that couples operate best as equals, as a team.

‘Kya baat hai,’ one person commented. ‘You two are so adorable. ‘Best of luck in your future,’ one person commented, while another said, ‘Be happy, God bless you.’

In yet another post, he shares the couple’s obvious surprise at the video getting a million likes at one point. ‘Thanks for your love,’ the post was captioned.

Alongside an earlier video of the adorable couple’s beautiful wedding ceremony, the caption went something like this: ‘Concept Of Our Journey❤️💙 Pehle Humari Wali Fir Gharwaloki’





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