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Free Fire All Stars EMEA Day 1: Winners, prize Pool, and more

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Free Fire All Stars EMEA Day 1: Winners, prize Pool, and more

The first day of the Free Fire All Stars EMEA 2021 concluded with Team Couscous from MENA emerging as the champion. In addition, they won $ 10,000 in prize money.


FFAS 2021 is a fun Garena event featuring content creators and esports players. The teams are made up of two creators and two esports players, both nominated by a fan vote.

The games are divided into three different formats: Bomb Squad, Clash Squad, and Battle Royale, each lasting one day.

By way of a knockout, eight competing teams came from three regions: Europe, the Middle East and Africa (MENA), and Russia. Each winning team of the rounds advanced to the semi-finals, where they competed in the best-of-three format.

The winners of the semi-finals advanced to the Grand Final, where the games were played in the best-of-five format..


Free Fire All Stars EMEA 2021 knockout round results

  • Team Shawarma (MENA) vs Team Vareniki (RU): 1-2
  • Team Baklava (MENA) vs Team Pizza (EU): 2-0
  • Team Pancakes (RU) vs Team Spaghetti(EU): 2-0
  • Team Pirozhki (RU) vs Team Couscous(MENA): 0-2


  • Team Baklava vs Team Vareniki: 2-1
  • Team Pancakes vs Team Couscous: 0-2

Free Fire All Stars Day 1 Finals

The final match of the best-of-five format  was played between Team Baklava and Couscous, both from the MENA region. The first match was won by the former with a 4-2 scoreline., however, made a stunning comeback with a 4-0 victory in the second half.

Both teams did their best to win in the third round, but Team Couscous came out on top with a 4-3 victory. Not only that, they won the fourth round with a 4-2 goal line to win the event.


Day 2 of Free Fire All Stars will be played in Clash Squad mode, following the same format as Bomb Squad (single finish). The event will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel Free Fire Esports, on the Facebook page, and on the Booyah app from 9:30 PM IST.

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