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Ever Thought Of Eco-friendly & Edible Rakhis? Then Have A Look On These Wonderful DIY Rakhis

by Swati Sahoo

The festival of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the auspicious bond between the siblings. Brothers and sisters exchange presents on this day, with sisters tying rakhis on the wrist of their brothers and praying for their long life. As Raksha Bandhan approaches, marketplaces are inundated with gorgeous and colorful rakhis.

But we forget that many of the materials which are used to make rakhis are non-biodegradable and add to the carbon footprint. In order to protect the environment, we need to may make rakhis at home using eco-friendly materials instead of plastics and other toxic components.

Also, edible rakhis are on the popular list and should be considered due to their biodegradable quality. So. here are listed some of the most eco-friendly DIY rakhi ideas. Come & have a look!

1. Chocolate rakhi

Yumilicious! You may wrap it around your brother’s wrist on Raksha Bandhan, and then eat this dessert-cum-rakhi with him later in the evening. Many YouTube videos are available to help you along the way. It’s possible to melt chocolate, pour it into tiny molds of your choice, and top it with your favorite dried fruits. It’s ready once you’ve attached the thread to your miniature chocolates.

2. Rice rakhi

DIY: How to make Rakhi with Rice| Eco Friendly rakhi making for competition 2018

In light of its availability, this is something that is fairly simple to produce. Cut circle cardboard, apply adhesive, and adhere to rice grains in a circular pattern. Use mouli thread, shred it into little bits, then place them in the middle of your cardboard piece. It’s really that easy. A thread of your choosing can be tied at the rear to finish the rakhi after the front half is complete. Ta-da! Rice rakhi is done.

3. Pasta rakhi

Rakhi for a pasta-lover brother(Pinterest)

You may make a rakhi out of your brother’s favorite dish, such as spaghetti. Pasta rakhi is similar to rice rakhi in which you may color the pasta pieces with your favorite colors and tie the same on your lovely brother’s wrist.

4. Pumpkin Seed rakhi

Pumpkin Seed Rakhi | Rakhi Making for School Competition | Eco Friendly Rakhi for kids | DIY rakhi - YouTube

Take a few dried pumpkin seeds and give them a little color. Using cardboard, cut a circular foundation and adhere the colored seeds to it. A simple thread is all that’s needed to complete your rakhi.

4. Dry-fruit rakhi

Rakhi making ideas 2021 | Eco Friendly Rakhi Making | Rakhi with Dry Fruits | How to make Rakhi - YouTube

This rakhi is ideal for a health-conscious brother. Decorate your rakhi with his favorite dry fruits like cashew or almond.

So, what are you holding out for? Pick up your scissors, glue, tape, ornamental objects, and so on, and begin pouring your love into gorgeous DIY rakhis.

Rakhsha Bandha brings the entire family together, not just brother and sister. It’s a day to wear new clothes, taunt your siblings, and demand extravagant gifts. It’s an official day to annoy siblings and cousins since it brings them closer together and strengthens their relationship.

However, owing to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Raksha Bandhan celebration will be as usual different as last year. People are urged to maintain social distance when shopping for the holiday and to take the appropriate measures when visiting relatives.



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