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Story Of lady DJ That Needs To be Buzzed

by RTD Journal
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India has been very behind in terms of women’s growth, safety, education etc. Despite having 75 years of independence, we yet to see the growth of women. There are a lot of notions and stereotypes existing about women. According to MK Gandhi’s definition of Independence “The day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say that India has achieved independence.’’ Even safety of a woman is one of the key factors of the Nation’s growth and according to the data the women security in India is terrible and outrageous.

Among all of these women have managed to get over that disparity and paved the path for themselves, but still they need support, ample amount of opportunity as much as men are getting in our society.There is a lady DJ, Kshirabdhi  Tanaya aka DJ KT from a small village in Jajpur district, who has become a torchbearer for many. Here, RTD Journal has brought you an inspiring story of this icon that needs to be Buzzed.

Q .1 From Kshirabdhi Tanaya to DJ KT how was your journey?

The journey was not easier I would say it was a roller coaster ride. Becoming a DJ was not my aim at all. I would have never imagined myself as a DJ. This happened only because it was destined. Basically, I was working in Bangalore based software Company. One day I went to a Club to hang out with my friends. There was a friend of mine who was working as a DJ over there. He suggested me to become a DJ as I had very good sense of music, then things are automatically fallen into their places and I became a DJ.

Q.2 Why did you choose DJ as a profession? Because coming from a typical Odia family. It’s pretty hard to accept that you have perused this as your career.

Like I said I had no idea about what a DJ is all about. It was in my luck so I became a DJ. As you know our society is very much conservative, especially when it comes to girls or women. Girls are not allowed to live their life freely. The situation happened the same with me, although I was not discouraged but never get encouraged as well. Even my father did not know much about my profession when I started off.  

Q.3 What is the toughest phase during DJ as profession that you will be never forget forever?

My first friend, my sister was my ‘Jaan’ she was my everything. I laughed with her, I cried with her, she was the best part of my life. When she passed on, I went through a lot. I had to go to perform after completing her cremation because I was supposed to do my job, my duty, as my audience were waiting for me to play the music. Successfully I managed to pretend in front of my audience. That was my life’s toughest period and I can never forget that day.

Q.4 People often think DJ is male domain and there is no much scope for a DJ in Odisha?

I don’t believe in this concept.  I always feel there is no specific category in work. One can do whatever he or she wants to. As far as scopes are concerned one has to make the place by his or her hard work and dedication. If you look at my journey, then I made my place for myself and I took DJ in Odisha certain level and even now Odisha is getting urbanized, new Clubs are opening up in every city so I would say now there is a lot of scope in this field.

Q.5 What will be your message to them who are wanting to pursue DJ as a career?

To become a DJ the first and foremost thing is you need to be courageous and strong because you will get judged a lot by your profession. DJ as a profession is never appreciated by our society, there are many misconceptions. For me it worked as a blessing in disguise. If you really want to make your career in this regard then you are welcome, don’t think, just do it because a lot of opportunities are waiting for you.

By Susant Pal




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