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Did you know that there is a real Free Fire Movie?

by RTD Journal
Did you know that there is a real Free Fire Movie?

Yes, you heard that right. There is a Free Fire film released in 2016 featuring the cast of the band from Armie Hammer to Brie Larson. Does this movie promote Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire, or Free Fire for short, is a popular mobile game that rises to India’s most popular game in 2021 and the third most downloaded game in the world in April. The developer released its beta version on September 30, 2017, but a year before that, a movie called Free Fire was first screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. Did this free Fire movie inspire the devs at Garena to create Free Fire game? Let’s find out your answer below!

Free Fire Movie Release Day

Fire Fire, a black comedy movie, was directed by British filmmaker Ben Wheatley. In fact, the Free Fire movie was released for the first time on September 8, 2016 at the Toronto International Film Festival. However, it was not until March 31 march 2017 that the movie reached its cinema audience in the United Kingdom. Despite being thrown out by celebrities, Free Fire was a box office, earning only $ 3.8 million compared to its original $ 7 million budget.

Actors of Fire Free movie

The action movie free fire of 2016 collects dozens of talented actors in the lead roles. To clarify, Cillian Murphy takes the role of Chris, a member of the Irish Republican Army who sought to overthrow the British Empire in Northern Ireland. Brie Larson, who achieved her success with Captain Marvel and the Avengers series, also starred in the film Free Fire as Justine. Justine is an IRA coordinator and arms dealer. Other characters who have played important roles in Free Fire are Armie Hammer (like Ord, an IRA member), Sarlto Copley (like Vernon, a arms dealer), and Jack Reynor (like Harry, Vernon’s partner).

Free fire movie plot

At the beginning of the film, two groups, the IRA and an arms dealer, arranged a meeting at a warehouse in Boston to discuss their deal via an intermediary Justine. Representatives of the gun dealership include Vernon and Harry while the IRA is sending Chris, Ord and a few others for appointment. The controversy erupted when one of the IRA members noticed that Harry was beating him a few days ago. Tensions were high and both sides began shooting at each other. In the midst of the chaos, there were two men trying to kill both groups. It turned out that someone had hired Ord to take all the money in the agreement and kill all the other members on both sides. Before the traitor revealed the secret of the massacre, the IRA team accidentally shot him dead. What happened next was a free fire where everyone tried to save his life by shooting others. At the end of the film Free Fire, Justine appeared to be the only survivor and limping at the entrance. However, she heard the sounds of sirens approaching. That is when she realized that she too would not run away.

Did the Free Fire movie promote Garena Free Fire?

If you notice, both Garena Free Fire and this Free Fire movie follow the idea of the ultimate stand-alone strategy. In this Free Fire game, you have to fight with 49 other players to be the only survivor in the end. In the movie Justine killed all the men in the warehouse to escape with the money. The 2016 film also features bloody scenes of shooting and fire. The whole movie is nothing but a fight between the people themselves. Each person has their own skill and background as well, as the characters of Free Fire in the game. However, it is not fair to say that the Free Fire movie inspired the Garena Free Fire as before this movie, there were a lot of last-person video format video games standing. For example, the first LMS game was seen as a Bomberman action game in 1983. What about the same theme of the game and the movie? In fact, different products may have the same title without violating copyright laws. A dev in Garena could be a fan of the Free Fire movie and suggested that name to its manager? It is possible. But the phrase Free Fire is not uncommon when it comes to shooting scenes.


All things considered, RTD journal thinks the film Free Fire has nothing to do with Garena Free Fire game. If you watched Free Fire and loved it, you probably love playing the war royale game from Garena and vice versa. However, it is interesting to know that there is a movie called Free Fire in real life.

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