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Delhi-Based Startup Aims To Provide Hassle Free Solo Travel Facilities To Women

by Swati Sahoo

With increased education and a strong sense of independence among women, a big number of them have acquired a great desire to travel and visit destinations all over the world. Several polls say that most women prefer to travel in groups, however, there is no lack of women who prefer to travel alone.

Due to an increase in the number of criminal incidences against solo female travelers in recent years, India has been regarded as one of the most dangerous locations for solo female travelers. Women have expressed reluctance and insecurity about traveling alone for fear of being attacked. To answer the demands of safe solo travel, a Delhi-based women-centric firm named “Wovoyage” was founded.

Wovoyage was created in 2016 as a women’s travel aggregation portal. It presently works in India and Japan, delivering risk-free and safe tours for female international tourists by assigning female tour guides and tailoring itineraries to include authentic Indian experiences. It provides group departures, including photography, rejuvenation, yoga, trekking, cycling, and other theme vacations. The website strives to provide a more mindful, exciting travel experience to any woman traveling alone or in a group who books a trip to India.

Rashmi Chadha, Founder of Wovoyage, believed that if she could eliminate the danger and give them a totally secure trip, she would have a lucrative business opportunity to pursue.

Booking services, search and planning platforms, on-demand travel, and recommendation sites are all part of Wovoyage’s tech-enabled ecosystem. Wovoyage supports a fantastic India, as well as women’s empowerment and employability.

“When a tourist searches for a place to stay, the system offers the safest alternatives to book from a large database of verified hotels across the nation and beyond. It also includes suggestions for surrounding activities, eateries, and must-see locations “Chadha remarked.

The same goes for encouraging women to participate in the travel and tourism business and establishing job possibilities for them. “We now have a lot of female content makers joining us on this path to encourage too many more women,” she continued.

According to the entrepreneur, the platform is risk-free and offers safe female travel throughout India with female-friendly super advisors.

According to Chadha, every business, including the travel industry, took a back seat during the COVID-19 epidemic, but with things rebounding at a fair rate, the tourism industry in India has a bright future.



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