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Dahibara: The Soul Food of Silver city

by RTD Journal
Dahibara: The Soul Food of Silver city

Well! Food and travelling are the primary elements of my life, which I can never leave. So today I’m going to serve you verbally the most tasty and celebrated food of Cuttack, Odisha and that is DAHIBARA.


Cuttack, which is known as The Silver City is additionally acclaimed for this delightful food. The zone Bidanasi Chowk and Barabati Stadium are the fundamental spots where you can discover such countless assortments of Dahibara/Dahibada. This is the well known street food of Odisha and has been a champ in the National Street Food Competition. In silver city, you can get an opportunity to appreciate this food in the evening. Before the arena, there is a huge field where you can discover different Dahibara stalls down. The food is served on a leaf plate. Holding the Dahi bara plate and enjoying it’s mouth watering taste with the cool breeze by the road side is a marvelous inclination. Dahibara is made from Urad Dal and is soaked in water to become soft and fluffy and eventually dipped in Curd/ Dahi. In different states, Dahibara is eaten typically with no expansion, yet in Odisha, you can discover it with two kinds of curries. One is Aloodum (Dum Aloo) and another is Ghugni(Aloo Matar curry). The serving styles of the Dahibara shops are very special. The flavour of Dahibara with two sorts of curries with hacked onions, green chutney, and aloo bhujia is simply outstanding. I think in life everybody should taste it once…I can say with an attestation that you will definitely cherish it.


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-Adyasha Samal

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