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Cyclone Yaas Triggers Flood-Like Situation In Subranarekha

by RTD Journal

Persistent rain brought on by cyclone Yaas has caused a flood-like condition in the Subarnarekha river, which is flowing above the danger level at Jamosala ghat in Balasore district.

At Jamosalaghat, the water level rose to 50.88 metres, well beyond the danger level of 49.16 metres.

The crisis was blamed on sporadic rain in Jharkhand upstream of the river, according to the state government. The Galudihi barrage was activated by the neighbouring State authorities due to excessive rains. The water level in the downstream in Odisha rose due to the entry of water from the barrage, according to SRC PK Jena in a tweet.

The local authority has issued an advisory to residents living near the river in Balasore after becoming aware of the hazard. Because the river was swollen, they were advised to relocate to safer areas.

At Rajghat, though, the water has yet to reach the danger mark. If the water level rises above the danger mark, it will damage five panchayats in Baliapala and ten in Bhograi block in Balasore.

Similarly, the Baitarani River in Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar districts experienced a surge as a result of cyclone-induced heavy rains. However, the river in Anandpur, Keonjhar, has reached dangerous levels yesterday.

“The water level had risen to the point of danger. It will rise further at Akhuapada in the downstream. However, after a brief surge, the level in the upstream will gradually decline. “We are patrolling the site and are prepared to deal with any situation,” said Rohit Sethy, head engineer (construction) for the Water Resources department.

However, he noted, there is no immediate danger because the water would recede gradually.

People living in the lower Baitarani watershed in Jajpur district are likewise terrified as the water level in the downstream rises steadily. People have been advised to relocate to safer areas by the authorities before the situation intensifies.

Written By: Swati Sahoo

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