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Celebrities and Brands: Friends or Foe?

by RTD Journal

Celebrity endorsements are now a conventional marketing strategy used since the late nineteenth century. While these strategies were first applied for product marketing. But now, it has spread to a more extensive form of marketing communication, including political marketing, health communication, and the marketing of non-government organizations.

Public recognition is used on behalf of a consumer good by appearing with it on an advertisement is a marketing technique known to be a celebrity endorsement. Previously the space for celebrities was available to only the limited ones. But after the boom of social media, it has now opened its gates for other platforms.

It’s a match!

Obviously, there can’t be an athlete selling a guitar. There must be a good match between the celebrity and the endorsed product. This scheme was applied to make people rely on the particular person talking about a relevant product with experience from their field. The more familiar the celebrity is with the product, the more it gets a good approach from the public. But with the market growth, miscellaneous matches are now a trend which we are following. We can take that from MS Dhoni endorsing GoDaddy, a publicly traded domain registrar and web hosting company.

Are celebrities superheroes for brands?

The answer lies within us! We make them play with our minds and not differentiate between real and made up things. With a familiar face, promoting a brand seems like we are familiar with the brand. It is the doing of our brain because it lights up when we see some well-known faces. If we talk about the average sales, a celebrity endorsement increases 4% relative to its competitors. Not only that, but it also holds significance to raise the stocks by 0.25%, according to research by Harvard Business School.

Nobody can ever forget Elon Musk’s mischievous tweet ‘Use Signal’. The two words endorsed secretly, giving benefits to two companies (Signal App and Signal Advanced Inc)

Sometimes friends, sometimes foe

Looking at the recent events, we can definitely assume that celebrities can be both beneficial and disadvantageous for brands. When star footballer Christiano Ronaldo slid two bottles of Coca-Cola and asked to drink water, he gained appreciation from all around the World. Simultaneously costing $4bn falls in the share price of the drinks company. It not only created havoc for the company but attained the attention of many brands for moment marketing. In short, adding more petrol to the fire! Not only

Coca-Cola but Heineken Beer was also pulled into the controversy when another football player Paul Pogba did the same trick as Ronaldo.

Bottom Line

It is all our brain doing the trick! Familiar faces do create trust inside our mind that makes them reliable in our eyes. But what makes the brand go behind celebrities for their endorsements? There is a phrase in every business, ‘Customer is King’. If celebrities are eye candy for the public, then they tend to be persuasive and influential. Therefore, celebrities and brands must go hand in hand for a solid business. It is in their hands whether both celebrities and brands wanna be friends or foe.

-Karishma Behera

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