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Bride Berates Groom For Eating Gutka At ‘Mandap’

by Ankita Mohanty
Odia Festivals

Eating gutka or consuming alcohol is generally frowned upon in Indian society. Some situations become worse when you are caught chewing gutka at your own wedding. This scene at a wedding mandap is no different.

The video of the hilarious incident has gone viral and it has left people laughing to their heart’s content.

The incident took place on the wedding pavilion just as the ceremony was about to begin. The bride and groom are seen sitting beside each other surrounded by close relatives. The bride starts talking to a person present at the wedding before becoming upset and assaulting him. She doesn’t stop there, as she then yells at the groom and hits him as well.

No one present at the wedding tries to diffuse the tension and the fight escalates. If one hears the audio in the video carefully, the bride got angry because she got to know that her husband was chewing tobacco, which she despises. After she slaps the groom, he was forced to then get up and spit the tobacco from his mouth.

When he gets up to do so, it adds more hilarity to the fun episode, as the relatives and guests rush to one side to avoid being spat on.

Watch the video here:

The video is gaining traction on social media, with some users praising the bride’s reaction while others denouncing the groom’s decision to eat tobacco at his wedding. Some even speculated that the video was scripted to raise public awareness. Since it was shared a day ago, it has received around 2 thousand likes and welcomed a lot of comments. Most of the comments are positive.

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