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Bizarre Matrimonial Ad For ‘Opinionated Feminist With Short Hair & Piercings’ Goes Viral

by RTD Journal

Physical characteristics of prospective brides and grooms, such as skin colour and height, are frequently mentioned in newspaper matrimonial advertisements. However, a bizarre ad for a groom for a “opinionated feminist with short hair and piercings” went popular on social media recently.

“Match for opinionated feminist. 30+ educated girl, short hair, piercings, works in social sector agnst cap’lism. Wanted h’some, well built, strictly 25-28 yr old only son with estd business, bungalow/atleast 20 acre farm house. Should know cooking. No farters/burpers plz. Write to curbyourpatriarchy@gmail.com,” the advertisement read.

“This has to be a protest commercial right??” said a third user. “Its a troll for sure curbyourpatriarchy@gmail.com,” said another user.

It turned out to be a joke played by her brother, sister, and closest friend.

The “opinionated feminist,” who did not want to share her true name and went by the pseudonym Sakshi, told the BBC that it was a joke staged on her 30th birthday by her brother Srijan and her best friend Damyanti (also not their real names).

“Turning 30 is a watershed moment, especially with all the talk about marriage in our society. When you reach the age of 30, your family and society begin to pressurise you to marry and raise a family “Srijan explained.

Srijan gave her a paper scroll with the email address and password on her birthday eve. She didn’t know what she was going to do with it. Srijan brought her the newspaper the next morning, with the page turned to the matrimonial columns. “We had a great time laughing. It was a good laugh, “she stated.

While most people realised it was a joke, some referred to her as a “money digger” and a “hypocrite” since she is “anti-capitalist but wants a wealthy husband.” She was dubbed a “cougar” because “she is 30 or older but prefers a partner between the ages of 25 and 28.” Some even told her to “work for yourself.”

Sakshi continued, “You can’t say things like that out loud. Men frequently request tall, skinny, gorgeous brides and boast about their fortune, but they can’t stand it when the tables are reversed. How could a lady make such a decision?”

She enquired of individuals who had been triggered by the advertisement, “Do you send these triggered emails to all of the sexist, casteist “bride needed” ads that appear in the newspapers every day? If not, you must address your patriarchy.”


Written By: Swati Sahoo


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