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Binge-watch shows on Netflix

by RTD Journal

The pandemic has hit us hard, we are stuck at home and bored to death but thanks to the OTT platforms we have a lot of series to binge-watch with our family and friends. Entertainment is the only escape for most of us during the ongoing lockdown. Netflix releases an absolute avalanche of content every year and has a tremendous effect on the audience.

Of course, there are thousands of series to watch and we end up adding it to the ‘to watch list and not watching it later. It might be difficult to choose a series to watch from hundreds of series and shift from one plot to another. We spend ample amounts of time just choosing the right one to watch, so here is a list of some series that are worth the binge and will save you the time of surfing on Netflix.

Lupin :


Who doesn’t love some mystery, thriller, or drama? Well, the series is the complete package of it all.

It is based on a fictional gentleman thief Arsène Lupin. It premiered on Netflix on 8 January 2021. The series has ten episodes for now. An adventurous journey of mystery and suspense with an amazing cast. The story revolves around a poor kid whose father was accused of a crime he did not commit which pushes him to take his own life and the son being left alone, who grows up with the obsession to prove his father innocent and avenge the man behind his father’s death using his charisma and mastery of thievery, subterfuge, and to disguise as anyone inspired by a book about gentleman thief Arsène Lupin which his father had given him on his birthday.

The series has hooked the audience entirely by its unique thrill and the new episodes of the series are also coming out this Friday.

Locke and key :


Don’t you just want to escape reality and have a gateway sometimes? Series are meant for entertainment and this series is a supernatural horror drama that just fits the profile for escaping reality and experiencing the fantasy. 

The series is a  mystery thriller that centres on the magical keys of the Locke family heritage, which is later discovered by the kids of Rendell Locke after he was murdered and they move in from Seattle to Mathewson and take residence in Rendell’s family home aka the key house. Where the kids find out about the magical keys and their purpose and also encounter a demonic entity who also wants the key to fulfil its vicious evil wishes.

Queen’s Gambit:


Have you not watched it yet? You have no idea what you are missing. I was glued to my laptop screen until I finished it. It is such an empowering series based on a chess whiz-kid Beth Harmon who uses her wits and talent to rise to the top in the chess world in a male-dominated society. With all the difficulties she juggles her way through winning and losing and manages to win every game in her life, even the game of her life. Anya Taylor Joy perfects the role of Beth Harmon with her charming smile, doll eyes, and witty personality which suits the role and grabs the audience’s attention making them feel the hardship and struggles of Beth’s life in reaching her goal.

The bold type:


Are you a passionate woman of the 21st century? If yes this is the perfect series for you and if not still it is the perfect series for you it will inspire you to the core.

It is the best series one could watch to induce enthusiasm to get to your goal. The series revolves around three millennial women who are figuring out their lives in the city of new work. They work for a fictional magazine called scarlet. They have their ups and downs but still, they manage to stand up and face them and grow even stronger. The Bold Type captures the perpetually humiliating, occasionally joyful process of muddling through your twenties in a major city. This trio manages to balance their love life and career like anyone in their twenties, which is relatable and worthy of the watch.



While we are at it, how can we not mention the classic period drama Bridgerton? It takes you to that corset and gown era and makes you so obsessed with the culture and lifestyle. The series is about finding love in London high society. It is wholesome, with steaminess of 365 days, costume as beautiful as the Disney princess, the drama of gossip girl. you can’t just have enough of the couple Daphne Bridgerton played by the beautiful phoebe Dynvor and the handsome and elegant prince of duke played by the charmer himself Regè Jean page.

Emily in Paris:


This series is a must-watch. It will fuel your energy to become a fashion enthusiast for sure with Emily’s beautiful dresses throughout the series. It is about a creative director of luxury brands played by Lily Collins who plays the character beautifully. It revolves around a woman from Chicago bringing an American point of view to the french market in the creative fashion world, exploring her way through the creative world of fashion and making it to the top with her talent. Emily stumbles upon a couple of handsome guys but her heart secretly desires the guy next door who already has a girlfriend and what is a series without some love and drama? It is a satisfactory romcom to sit back and enjoy.

The umbrella academy:


The comic book-inspired science fiction revolves around a dysfunctional family of seven children adopted by a rich mysterious,  Sir Reginald Hargreeves, to prepare them to save the world from an unspecified apocalypse. It takes you to a fantasy land of time travel where everything doesn’t make sense Until it does. Though they possess superpowers they are portrayed as normal human beings going through pain, the sorrow of separation, suffering, addiction and depression. The series oscillates between intense scenes of superheroes fighting to make us crack into laughter with dark humour.

How to sell drugs online:


The 21st era series which deals with apps, modern days millennium’s hyperactivity on social media platforms is based on a true story, Where a nerd who is heartbroken by his ex tries to develop an app to impress her and sells drugs online in darknet and his site starts gaining popularity rapidly. The voiceover in the series is the most descriptive part of the dos and don’ts of how to sell drugs online which is scripted wonderfully. It seems like a documentary but also is a Netflix series. the storyline,  narrative, portrayal of the series is so perfect for the  Gen z audience.

By Merry Dash

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