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Balangir Hostage Drama: I Am Not Ashamed Of The Incident, Says The Jilted Lover

by RTD Journal

Bikram Panda, who held a family of three hostage at Shantipada here a day after his detention, told the media on Wednesday that he is not ashamed of the incident and does not regret his actions.

“There is no shame, no repentance,” he said.

When asked why he threatened the family, Bikram explained that he and the girl, a family member’s relative, were madly in love.

“After finishing my BTech in Computer Science, I launched a cyber-café near the town’s Women’s College. We fell in love because she used to come to the café. We stayed in touch and met on a regular basis even after she graduated. “However, after joining Bhima Bhoi Medical College and Hospital as a clerk, she abruptly stopped meeting with me,” he explained.

Bikram then wanted to meet her father and brother, but they turned him down, claiming it was a passing affair.

He plotted the hostage takeover, which was prevented by the police, because he was upset about not being allowed to meet the girl.

“I had no intention of harming anyone,” said Bikram. But how can a lady abandon her partner simply because he is a businessman rather than a government worker?” He was perplexed.

Bikram refuted the claim that it was a one-sided affair by claiming that he could prove that they were in a relationship. “The proof is on my phone,” he explained.

Bikram barged into the residence of Dibya Lochan Hota in Shantipada at around 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday, according to Balangir SDPO Tofan Bagh, who gave details of the event earlier in the day. Later, he kidnapped three members of his family and demanded the girl. He also threatened to kill them and commit suicide if they didn’t stop him.

The family members were also able to flee and lock themselves in a room, according to the SDPO. He stated that they were rescued through a window on the backside of their house.

“Police attempted to persuade the teen to open the door after he locked himself in a room. He fired a blank shot at 12 p.m. The district SP then entered the house and spoke with him via a hole in the door. After that, he fired another blank shot. The SP, his personal security officer (PSO), and the cops burst through the door while he was loading the bullet into his handgun. He launched another round of fire as they sought to overwhelm him,” he added.

According to the SDPO, the accused revealed during interrogation that he bought the weapon from a person in the Boudh district two years ago and did not have a legal permit.

“Police have filed two complaints against him. He’ll be brought before the court this afternoon,” he said.


Written By: Swati Sahoo


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