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Bad mental health leads to suicide

by Navya Naveli
Bad mental health leads to suicide

Deciding to end your life is never easy. But people under severe mental problems starts harming themselves and makes it a goal to take their life as a result they die which is called committing suicide. And a suicide attempt is something where they try to end their life but do not succeed in it. It has been a major public health concern. Though it is often preventable still it is a leading cause of death. And the only way to prevent it is by knowing the warning sign and then helping people out.

Some of the immediate risks people take for attempting suicide includes:

  • Going through unbearable emotional or physical pain
  • Talking about or feeling as being a burden to others
  • Taking great risks that could lead to death, such as driving extremely fast or standing in very edge of the terrace.
  • Talking about feeling trapped or feeling guilt or insecure about yourself or feeling that there are no solutions to your situation.
  • Talking about feeling empty or hopeless. Losing all hope from life.
  • Talking or thinking about death often and thinking that they have no reason to live.
  • Talking about wanting to die or looking for ways to kill themselves and taking attempts for it such as stocking pills or buying weapons.
  • Displaying extreme mood swings or acting anxious or agitated and using alcohol or drugs more often.

It is a very important thing to discuss that suicide is not a normal response to stress and ignoring the warning signs will cost a lot.

Some of the steps you can take in order to save people are :-

  • Listen to them carefully. Talk to them and get to know what exactly the individual is thinking or feeling. Talking about things that are creating problems or talking about suicide and acknowledging them will definitely reduce suicidal thoughts.
  • Make them feel safe and free. Make them to trust you. Tell them that they are not a burden.
  • Help them to connect to you and to other trusted individuals like family members, friends or any mental health professional.
  • Stay in touch with them. Ask them every little detail. That will make them go a long way. Your presence itself will make a difference in their thinking.
  • Suggest them to take therapy and make positive use of their time.

In simple words, just let them know that you are there for them and that you will never leave. Their mental health will get much better. Little things make huge differences.



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