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Amazon Suffers Massive Outage Globally, Including India

by Swati Sahoo

On Monday, the Amazon online store had a worldwide outage, including in India, when users attempted to place orders but were unable to view the product detail page.

The online store of the ecommerce giant had an outage that began at 7 a.m. Monday, according to website outage tracker Downdetector.

While 65% of users had trouble launching the website, 23% had trouble logging in, and 12% had trouble checking out.

Amazon stated that it was working to resolve the problem.

“Are you able to see any product details today on the Amazon India website? I’m attempting to order a few items but am unable to see the product information page. I tried a dozen different things and had the same problem! Is Amazon India down or is it a glitch? “In a tweet, a user stated.

In May, Amazon’s website and shopping experience had a temporary outage in various parts of India, affecting numerous consumers. After a two-hour outage, the website was back up and operating.

Downdetector reported a large rise in problems on Amazon.in, with the most common issues seen by Indians during the outage being login in and checking out.

Last November, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the commerce giant’s cloud branch, experienced a massive outage in the US region, affecting multiple websites and apps, and the recovery took several hours.



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