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All Possible Questions Asked In IT Job Interviews With Tips

by RTD Journal
All Possible Questions Asked In IT Job Interviews With Tips

Here are several possible questions to use as practice for your next interview:


  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Hobbies
  3. Tell me about your family
  4. Your strength and weakness
  5. Why you want to join TCS?
  6. What are your suggestions regarding increasing women employee % in TCS?
  7. Are you ready to relocate?
  8. Are you ready to work in any shift?
  9. Greatest Challenge in life
  10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
  11. What did you do during this pandemic?
  12. What are your goals in your life ?
  13. What is success for you & how can we measure success ?
  14. Flexible for all Shifts?
  15. What do you follow in your life ? Give practical example?
  16. Why IT?
  17. What motivates you?
  18. Why should we hire you?
  19. Which operating system do you know?
  20. Do you have any certifications
  21. Do you participate in any coding competitions
  22. Do you participate in any hackathons
  23. You are from Mechanical right! Why do  you want to choose IT job?
  24. Write a program to print Fibanocci series
  25. Write a program to find the sum of even and odd numbers from 1 to 100
  26. Work From Home or physical office work? Which one is more productive for you?
  27. Can you work from home after joining ?
  28. Can you work during Weekens/night shifts?
  29. Smart work or hard work?
  30. Any questions for us?


  1. What are the oops concepts. explain them with coding example.
  2. Write a program in c to reverse a string.
  3. What is the use of numpy and pandas.
  4. What are the data structures in python.
  5. What do you mean by ethics?
  6. What are the products of TCS?
  7. Differ service based and product based company.
  8. What are data structures?
  9. What is binary search?
  10. What is op amp?
  11. What is for loop?
  12. Prime numbers code?
  13. Palindrome code?
  14. What is printf and scand?
  15. Explain your major project?
  16. What do u know about tcs?
  17. What do you know about it industry?
  18. Difference between structure and union
  19. Write a Fibonacci program?
  20. Basic html tages
  21. Difference between python and java
  22. Discussion on tcs policy, relocation
  23. What are the programming languages you know?
  24. What TCS give to their employees?
  25. What is python?
  26. Python data types?
  27. What are the sequence data types?
  28. Lambda function?
  29. About lists and tuples
  30. Whether did a project in software side. If yes, what is the project you worked on and tell about it.
  31. What is your favourite subject?
  32. Bernoulli’s theorem
  33. Bernoulli’s theorem is used in?
  34. SI and CI engine
  35. CI engine max theoretical efficiency?
  36. How to calculate max theo efficiency of CI engine?
  37. What is a shock wave?
  38. 4-stroke engine: how many strokes and what are they ?
  39. Tell me about python
  40. Describe your project
  41. Tell me about Machine Learning
  42. What do you know about tcs
  43. Tell me about your family
  44. What are data types in Python?
  45. Tell me the selectors in css?
  46. How to stop an infinite iterations in python?
  47. Which expression is used to represent ID in css?
  48. Write a code to store and reuse programme in Python?
  49. What is the work done by the employees?
  50. Write any c programme?

HR 2:

  1. Will you able to adapt to new technologies?
  2. IT instead of going to core(for ece)
  3. Program to check if a number is prime or not
  4. Program to print pattern of numbers
  5. What is dangling pointer
  6. What happens if we don’t include stdio.h file in c program
  7. What is method overloading and method overriding
  8. What are the stages of sdlc
  9. What is waterfall model? Would you use waterfall model for college webpage
  10. What is your area of interest ? And questions based on that


What is….

  1. Stack
  2. Linked list
  3. Call by vaule
  4. Call by reference
  5. Difference between ML,AI,DL
  6. Program for LCM
  7. Program for calculating size of an input image or input video stream
  8. Program for calender
  9. Program to swap two numbers without using temporary variable
  10. Program to interface microprocessor
  11. Define microprocessor
  12. Functionality of microprocessor
  13. What are pointers?
  14. What did you do with the programming languages you learnt.(Like if python -ML,java -web apps)
  15. What is big data. In what current scenarios it is used?
  16. What other trending technologies you have learnt?
  17. How you connect to database(qstn from my project).write the code
  18. Are you willing to relocate to any area or do you have constraints?
  19. Given a project, how do you express that to yourr manager?
  20. How do you solve a complex task ?
  21. Your strengths and weakness?
  22. I have done projects in 3 years.if you are asked to do a project in other than these will you do?
  23. Are you a team player. How do u support your statemnt with scenario you faced in your life.
  24. Why C language?
  25. What is difference between C and Java
  26. What are the  features of oops.
  27. What is LIFO and FIFO
  28. Round Robin algorithm
  29. Bubble sort and bucket sort
  30. Code to check whether a number in range from 1 to 100 is multiple of 5 or not?


  1. Three ants are located in the corners of an equilateral triangle. Each ant moves in a random direction along the edges of the triangle. What is the probability that none of the ants will collide along the triangle?

  2. There are 100 doors in a single row that are all closed. You make 100 passes by each door, starting at the first door each time. On the first time you pass, you visit every door, and if it is closed, you open it, and if it is open, you close it. On your second pass by, you only visit every other door, starting from the second door in line so that you are skip-counting the doors by two. The third pass you go to every third door, the fourth pass every fourth door, and so on until you have only passed by the hundredth door. During your last pass by, which of the doors are left open and which ones are closed?

  3. Maximum probability to coin touch the maximum boxes in chess board?
  4. You are standing in front of two doors. One door is the “right” door, and the other is the “wrong” door. There are two guards, one standing by each door. One of the guards always tells the truth, and the other guard always tells a lie, however, you have no knowledge of which guard lies or which guard tells the truth. You can only ask one question to each guard to find the “right” door. What is the question you should ask?

  5. In a 100 floor building, find minimum number of floor to check whether ball will break or not when ball is thrown from that floor



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