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Alien Spotted In Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh? Check Reality Behind Viral Video

by RTD Journal

The truth of the viral video of an “alien” spotted in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, has been revealed. According to a report, the individual who shot the footage has confirmed that the figure seen is a lady, not an alien creature.

Deepak Henbrom, a Jamshedpur native, claimed responsibility for the viral video. He also dismissed the idea that the individual in the video is an alien. He said that while returning from Chakradharpur with six of his buddies, he noticed a woman nude on the road. He, too, was terrified at first, but he and his friends eventually returned and finished the video.

He further stated that claiming there are aliens in Hazaribagh is completely false. He also claimed to have the entire footage of the incident. The woman in this video is a villager who, according to Deepak, came to worship nude at night. People are simply posting a 30-second snippet on social media, he said, when he has the entire video.

Several motorcycles could be seen passing by the individual going along the street in the dark in the 30-second viral video. When other motorcycles observed the person, they came to a halt, while another began filming the scene. The man can be heard remarking, “chudail lag rahi hai (looks like a witch)” in the video. On social media, the video has gotten a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, RTD Journal doesn’t confirm the video’s authenticity.

Written By: Swati Sahoo

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