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Ahead Of 75th Independence Day, Let’s Take A Tour Around These 7 Tricolor Toothsome Dishes

by Swati Sahoo

Looking for the greatest tiranga or tricolor dish to try this Fifteenth of August? You’ve come to the right place! This Independence Day, instead of the usual Jalebi, Laddoo, and Samosa, try these continental delicacies inspired by the Indian flag. From low in calories to rich in cheese, these best tricolor dishes for Independence Day offer everything you’ll want to eat while unwinding at home on this national holiday.

1. Tiranga Idli

Replace your usual idlis with these tri-colored idlis to honor the nation. Serve with a nice sambar and a chutney of coconut.

2. Tricolor Fruit Cream

Fresh fruits, whipped cream, and food coloring make up this vibrant treat. This delectable dessert ideally served after a meal, is the ideal way to commemorate the national holiday.

3. Tricolor Pulao

Pulao is a simple, quick, and tasty dish to prepare. Make a tiranga out of your regular pulao by adding a tasty tomato and spinach puree to the rice. Vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and peas can be added to brighten the color.

4. Tricolor Pasta

This colorful mix of vegetables is worth a try, even if it is a touch heavy in calories. It’s best served with a colorful mocktail.

5. Tricolor Dhokla

Dhokla is a popular Gujarati food that we all like. Give it a colorful mix to produce a new sort of dhokla and enjoy it with your family.

6. Tricolor Momos

Add edible food color to the dough to give the momos a patriotic touch on this particular day. If you don’t like it and prefer to keep things simple, a multicolored chutney can be used to dress up the dish.

7. Tricolor Pizza

A cheesy pizza is usually a good idea over the holidays! This tricolor pizza is a wonderful way to get into the patriotic mood.

So, we have listed 7 creative & delicious tricolor dishes for you to make and have on this upcoming Independence day. Happy 75th Independence Day in advance!



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