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Agni-Prime Nuclear Missile Successfully Test-Fired Off Odisha Coast

by RTD Journal

India successfully test-fired the new Agni-Prime missile off the coast of Odisha on Monday. In compared to other missiles in this class, it can hit targets up to a range of 2000 kilometres and is very short and light.

According to the news agency ANI, the new nuclear-capable missile is entirely comprised of composite material. The new missile incorporates a number of innovative technology, according to DRDO officials.

“The missile was followed and monitored by various telemetry and radar stations positioned along the eastern coast. The missile flew on a textbook trajectory, achieving all mission objectives with high precision ” the DRDO said in a statement.

At about 10.55 a.m., the initial test of the new generation nuclear-capable ballistic missile Agni Prime was conducted from the Abdul Kalam Island’s launching facility IV.

The Agni-Prime missile is part of India’s most ambitious Agni series, produced by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). The new Agni missile was created using the same cutting-edge technologies as the Agni-IV and Agni-V missiles, which have ranges of 4000-km and 5000-km, respectively.

Inertial navigation devices based on advanced ring-laser gyroscopes steer the two-stage, solid-fuelled armament system. According to defence sources, both stages include composite rocket engines and guidance systems with electromechanical actuators.


Written By: Swati Sahoo



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