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‘Ad not meant for TSLP’s operations in Odisha’

by RTD Journal

Joda: “In view of recent news articles in a few publications regarding Tata Steel Long Products (TSLP) not giving employment opportunities to candidates from Odisha in its sponge iron plant located at Bilaipada, Joda, this is to clarify that the said advertisement was not for any of TSLP’s operations in Odisha, and was also not meant for external hiring.

TSLP had issued an internal circular on March 1, 2023, for the recruitment of wards of its employees as Diploma Engineer Trainees for the expansion plan in its Jamshedpur plant in Jharkhand. This was also meant to comply with the Jharkhand State Employment of Local Candidates in Private Sector Act, 2021 (Act No.-14 of 2021), which required certain percentage of the employees below a particular salary level to be domiciled in Jharkhand.

We wish to inform that 88% of its employees on the permanent roll at the sponge iron plant in Joda are from Odisha. As a responsible corporate, TSLP gives due importance to locals in employment as per government policy, whenever such opportunities arise, and stands committed to the inclusive growth of the region.

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