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A Few Facts About Periods

by Navya Naveli
A Few Facts About Periods.

As things about periods are not openly discussed, here are some things that everyone should know. It’s okay to talk about it openly. It should just be like any other normal topic in your day-to-day life. People should be encouraged to talk about menstruation comfortably. There are a lot of myths about periods. Some of them are-

Periods are a personal issue

In reality, periods can never be a personal issue. Menstruation affects a lot of people and that affects their future and education. People not having proper resources, support and, hygiene that they need during their periods leads to severe health issues. Schools and offices are missed by them and it becomes a problem. Even the united nations declared that menstrual hygiene is a public health issue and it needs to be taken care of.


Periods are shameful


Generally, people think that periods are shameful or gross or dirty but periods aren’t anything out of the ordinary. It is absolutely normal to talk about it. We don’t need to whisper about it every time we need a pad or a tampon. It is high time that we change the stigma in society. It’s not something to be embarrassed about. It’s time to overcome that.


Period blood is dirty blood


Often people consider period blood as dirty or impure blood. But the uterus lining is formed by the merging of tissues of blood vessels, endometrial fluid, and mucus and the blood element in menstrual discharge is the same as arterial blood. Period blood is very different from the blood that moves continuously through the veins. It is the purest form of blood. It isn’t the rejected body fluids. It’s not something to be ashamed of. And people should understand this.


The pain of a period is just like anything you’ve experienced


Dysmenorrhea is the medical term we use for period pain. It is severe enough to interfere with our daily life activities in many different ways and around 20% of women go through this. It affects a lot of things like the ability to concentrate, makes us more anxious, and can make us downright unpleasant. The tremendous pain every woman goes through is real. Some of us curl up in bed only hoping that the pinching cramps will subside. It is something nobody has experienced before.



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