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6 things you need to take care of in fashion | RTD JOURNAL
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6 things you need to take care of in fashion

by Navya Naveli
6 things you need to take care of in fashion

Fashion has always been about being in your comfort zone but it’s very necessary to step out of your comfort zone and try out something new. Styling is all about creating new things from the existing ones. So, step out. Gain confidence in your style. Create a different style and adore yourself.

Stick to your classic wardrobe. 

There are a few classic pieces that can never go out of style and should never miss from your wardrobe. Like an iconic black dress, a perfect blazer, a leather jacket, a few different kinds of jeans that goes perfectly with everything, a denim jacket, some casual t-shirts, basic cardigans, sheath dresses, button-down shirts in neutral colours, hoodies, etc. these will help you to get fashionable instantly. It will create a good base. You will never regret for investing in these if you just learn how to style them.

Go easy on accessories

Wearing an outfit is always easier than accessorising one. What kind of accessories will go with what dress will always be a challenge to decide. Some dresses will look good with oxidized jewelleries and some will go with golden or silver accessories. Sometimes, matching colours will look great and sometimes contrasting colours will rock your day. Here, you will have a variety of option. Starting from rings to anklets, from nose pins to bags. Accessorising outfits with minimum things will always be elegant but if you can match properly then wearing a lot will look great too. It’s a difficult task but will never disappoint you.

Find your personal style.

We all have our own style and that’s what makes us unique. You need to try hundreds of look just to find the right one but that will be your signature style. But you need to work hard for it. You need to play with bright colours,may be with neutral sometimes. You need to add on hundred different styles. Starting from jewelleries to shoes, a lot of things. And then you will know what looks the best on you and that will be your go to outfit.

Become a better shopper.

Learning how to shop is very difficult but that’s exactly what one needs to do. Knowing when to do what and what will go with what will help you to dress perfectly and you can keep up with the trend. And when your wardrobe consists of all the pieces you love, you will automatically like styling.

Play with colours and neutrals.

Colours play a major role. Choosing the right colour is not an easy and learning colour combinations is a hell of a task but that’s the best part. Mixing light colours with the deep ones will always be fun. But you always have the option to choose a monochrome look. It will never let you down and is way to easy to make the perfect outfit from this. Apart from this, neutral colours will always be there for you. Black, navy, peach, beige, white, bottle green, etc will never disappoint you.

Make your shoes right.

They say choose your footwear normally but actually you should choose the opposite of that. Try on everything. High heels, sneakers, flats, etc. but the most important thing is it should be clean. It is as important as choosing the perfect outfit. People generally don’t pay much attention towards it but this says everything about your fashion sense. This detail can ruin your entire outfit in a second.(Fashion)

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