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The old same cliché love story days are over, now crime- thriller has finally vouched its way to our fav list and we cant wait to tell you those 6 must  watch web series you should binge watch in your quarantine-o- vacation. Here’s the list guys

Sacred Games : (Season 1 and Season 2)

One of the first crime based Indian web series, Sacred Games created a steer among the audience with its release. Created by Netflix India, the first season shows the rise of Nawazuddin Siddique as Ganesh Gaintonde from a local priest’s son to one of the most wanted gangster of India. The second season shows the notorious gangster’s life after he manages to flee and how his life take turns. The seson eventually ends with a massive climax that involves much more than just Ganesh Gaitonde’s life. Meanwhile  We all kind of memorized its famous dialogue “ sirf 25 din hai sahib, sirf 25 din”, courtesy meme alert.


Set in the city of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh this series by Amazon Prime India revolves around the               life of Kaleen Bhaiya who is a gangster and has the entire city of Mirzapur under his control. His son Munna bhaiya, who is a boy hungry of power, thinks everyone is bound to follow him. The main characters of the story are two brothers Guddu and Bablu who quickly rise in the plot and create all kind of ruckus and eventually paying the price for it. The powerful cast adds up to the hype about this web series.

Pataal Lok

Pataal Lok, again a amazon prime presentation with anushka Sharma’s production ,this  9 episode series  plots  around a case of attempt to murder on one of India’s leading journalist from a reputed TV New channel. This  series that shows the investigation of the case by a cop and all problems he faces both in his personal and professional lives. It  builds up all the anxiety for climax as the case ends up to be a part of a bigger conspiracy and ends with a pretty good ending. Thumbs up for  the acting of the whole cast which made the story so impactful.


This series shows the story of a simple and ordinary girl who tries to discover her sexuality in a world where she has faced the wrath of masculinity and had been molested since her childhood. The lead character is amazingly portrayed by Aditi Pohanker who is simple police constable who ends up becoming an interrogator.

Breathe (season 1 and 2)

Again another piece by amazon prime ,both season 1 and 2 is contradictory to each other. In first season r.madhavan makes his power packed cameo and the plot-acting-background music  everything makes it more interesting. In the 2nd season though people may have been  confused it by  linking up with the first one but the story runs in fully  different  angle. Amit sadh is treat to the eyes with his straight cut acting as a police officer.

Delhi crime

This series is based on the horrific incident of delhi nirbhaya gang rape case and give you goosebumps for sure. A must watch in the list each and every actor just portrayed their charcters significantly specially shefali shah as dcp. This series will take you through a emotional ride for sure.






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