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4 Underrated Movie Recommendations That Will Make Your Holidays Merrier.

by Disha Banerjee
4 Underrated Movie Recommendations That Will Make Your Holidays Merrier.

It’s that time of the year when movies with brewing coffee on the side feels heaven after a tiring day at work. With Work from home still verging our social life and some of us exhausted their Netflix binge lists, wonder what to watch next?

Worry not! We have got your back. Presenting 4 underrated movie recommendations that will just go right with your mood.

The Hungry (2017): The movie name here reflects the whole concept of the movie; hungry for love, revenge and inner vengeance.  Director Bornila Chatterjee beautifully reel-scaped from Shakespeare’s tragedy “Titus Andronicus” and the superb acting by the cast made it worth of watch.

Thumbs up for- Plot transitioning, Cinematography and mind-blowing cast.

Available in Amazon Prime

The Voyeurs (2021): This movie also goes with its name given justice to its story-line; The Voyeurs is a soft porno thriller drama where it circles around love, revenge, grief, romance and fantasy. The main concept of this movie is mainly seeing the unseen and making a whole quandary out of it.

Thumbs up for – Thrilling plot, cinematography and colour.

Available in Amazon Prime

What will People say (2017): A movie which represents the bitter truth of religious beliefs, societal choices and how sometimes people gets crushed in it. Iram Haq directorial, “What will People say” is mirror portraying the life of a Norwegian-Pakistani Muslim girl and hoe her life changed drastically just because her family was too concerned about society.

Thumbs up for- Storyline and Maria Mozdah’s(played the protagonist) acting.

Available in Netflix India

Haramkhor(2015): Nawazuddin Siddqui-Shweata Tripathy starrer this movie is a full time entertainment but ends with a social message to look on.  Here Shweata Tripathy played the role of a 13 year old girl who fell in love with her teacher and the drama that follows afterwards. In few shots the plot may seems to be too stretchy but for an overall pov, can be a good watch.

Thumbs up for – Casting and the plot.

Available in Netflix India



4 Underrated Movie Recommendations



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